another tuesday…

Slow day yesterday…had a hike with the dogs, stopped by the office–though I was derailed by class prep for fall and a stack of books I ordered about Margaret Fuller–and whittled away the day with various household chores (poop patrol in the back yard, soup-making, etc.). Though I did have a nice visit with Shaunna, during which I discovered one of my better traits (I guess): tenacity. People often ask how I got through a PhD and I usually say “persistence,” plain and simple. Just sticking with something, jumping through the next hoop. Then one day you wake up and you’re done. And then it’s on to the next project. I live for these ongoing projects, whether they be research/writing, knitting, teaching a new class, yoga, or occasionally a home improvement project–though this last kind of project is my least favorite, every once in a while I like re-painting a room, for instance. Something I read or heard recently concerned this very topic…wish I could remember who said it and in what context, but the gist was that certain personality types thrive on the idea of projects and for them the planning of the project (buying the yarn, needles, and other essential gear) is the thrill. Actually *doing* the project is another story. Often I’ll begin a project, that is plan it all out, then never do it–so many unfinished sweater vests in my closet–but sometimes I actually finish one, if it’s compelling enough. So wouldn’t it be nice if I could know whether or not a project will be compelling enough before I start it? Or maybe it’s the amount of energy I put into the planning…maybe that influences the likelihood of my completing it. I do know that I need a certain amount of outside support: a committee of people encouraging me toward finishing my dissertation, a bookgroup enticing me to read that novel, a class full of students looking to me for inspiration, and so on. Guess I should join a knitting group so I’ll finish those unfinished sweaters!

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2 Responses to another tuesday…

  1. sally says:

    Nah. I belong to a knitting group and I have lots of UFO’s. Are you finding that writing is a centering thing for you or a tense thing. Something I’ve been thinking a lot about. I’m waiting for some centered place from which to find a voice that sounds real, but maybe it happens the other way around. Or I could be overthinking. Been known to do that.



  2. bjmcshane says:

    This kind of writing is centering because other than checking for basic spelling & grammar, I don’t really care how I write. And if I have nothing to say than I just don’t write. This morning was fun…I had your and Holly’s comments to give me something to think about and respond to. Kind of like a classroom discussion. I’ve always been the kind of writer who only finds what I want to say *by* writing.


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