maxed out

This week was crazy, even though it was a short one. I dreamt last night (Friday) that I was freaking out about being on too many committees. I was so caught up in these other activities that I missed my ENGL 2100 class. Ugh.

Although I have cut back on some things, this week saw the introduction of new responsibilities: secretary for the Northern Utah Al-Anon Information Center. It shouldn’t be too big a deal and I’m glad to be working with some people in Al-Anon, but still it’s more stuff. And I received an email from Madonne about my responsibilities as chair of the college tenure & promotion committee. We’ll have from February 1st to 15th to write letters for 8 candidates. And I was reminded about my participation in the Utah Campus Compact Conference on February 11th, for which I’ve yet to prepare. And Judy asked me if I’d finished revising the Honors course–haven’t even touched it. And at one point I had so many Doodle polls I was either running or waiting to hear back on that I couldn’t figure out what was going on in my calendar!

Once my board responsibilities are finished I’ll feel some relief. In the meantime I need to tough it out. Sean goes to Evanston for two days this next week, then begins his preceptorship the first week in February. That will be crazy. Oh and string project starts Monday. I imagine one day I’ll look back on this time and be nostalgic for the busyness of it all. That’s why I need to write it down, so I can remember later how crazy it was. And appreciate what I hope will then be a quiet and serene existence.

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