still crazy busy and some sad news

Randy Noorlander died today. We knew it would be soon. He came home from the hospital a week ago Friday. They sent him home to die. The cancer had moved to his stomach, and there was nothing more they could do. So he lived for 10 days after his last meal. Ugh. I’m glad he could be released from the agonizing pain he’s been enduring for the last year and a half. But I’m so sad for his family. Three kids are in college, at USU, and one more’s at home. It will be mighty quiet there once everything settles down. As my mom said, I’m lucky to have known him. What a great role model for his children, his brothers, his cousins, his friends.

My life is still crazy. I had no time for an Al-Anon meeting or yoga this weekend. In fact, I spent most of Saturday working on committee stuff: editing promotion & tenure letters, writing curriculum minutes, sending edits for the catalog, and yada yada. Sean and I had planned to celebrate Valentine’s Day on Saturday night, but we realized–too late–that we needed reservations. By the time we called, everyplace was booked. Instead, he and Jake went to SB for the Dew Tour and Maggie and I went to Rainbow and had dinner at the Greenery. We’ll wait until Sean’s done with his preceptorship, then we’ll celebrate. On Sunday I finally got to some grading. There’s still lots of that to do, but I don’t think I’m up to it tonight.

I did get to a yoga class on Thursday…it was Kathi’s Level II class. It was awesome! Although I wasn’t really up for the handstands and headstands, I did pretty much everything at least a little. Unfortunately, my elbow’s a bit sore. So now I know that I need to stick with mellow-ish yoga. Damn. It felt so good!

This Thursday I’m meeting Holly for coffee. If there’s time, I’d like to do my 4th step. So life improves for me, even as a sweet soul passes out of our orbit. Blessings on Randy and his family.

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