some rest?

no Uintas for Jake and me…some kind of bug going through the family. it started with Sean on Tuesday afternoon, I had it yesterday, Maggie last night, and Jake today. fortunately, it goes quick. but because of this and the rain and the carpet measurement and my overall fatigue from the room project, I decided we should wait for our mom/son expedition until both us feel 100%. so the latest plan is to head to Canyonlands either next week or the week after for a couple of days–barring extreme heat and providing we can find a window in the football conditioning schedule. meanwhile, Jake and I enjoyed a quick trip to Gateway on Frontrunner. we shopped a bit then he started to feel yucky so we left early. now I have an afternoon to chill. I don’t have too many chores to do (laundry, Smiths, toilets) so perhaps I can lounge about a bit?

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2 Responses to some rest?

  1. srogers says:

    Man, you guys just can’t catch a break when it comes to some bug rampaging through your family! Hope everyone feels better soon!


  2. bjmcshane says:

    seems like…BTW, Jake & I saw you on the train. we were up above watching you embark in Ogden.


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