post-California wrap up and golf

On the drive to Kayenta, I saw a bumper sticker: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” It made me smile and set the tone for my trip. Unlike previous family vacations, I really didn’t control, manipulate, or try to force things to go my way. Except for the last evening in Newport, when I got frustrated with the group decision and tried to go it on my own–well, with Maggie. But I relented, and as I walked down to the Crystal Cove historic district I realized how good this choice was. By the time I met up with everyone else, I had a smile on my face and genuinely enjoyed the beach, the cottages, and the shake shack. I regret my eagerness to bolt because it meant Shelley had to remain behind. If I’d chilled out, been patient, I could have driven Mom & Dad thus giving Katy & Shelley the freedom to take the boys and leaven when they chose. In the past, I’m not sure I would have recognized that my action effected somebody else. No, I know I wouldn’t have; I would have blamed the situation on somebody else and definitely not enjoyed it. Now at least I can realize that my impatience influences other people. Lesson learned. Still, I’m proud of myself. As I told my Wednesday night group, “I was a good girl” on this trip 🙂

I wish Sean could have come though. As it turned out he suffered through some nasty intestinal bug–even driving himself to the ER one night. Poor guy. I was tempted to jump in the car and drive home, but I didn’t. I guess that’s progress too.

So I had my first golf lesson today, and so far I like it. Jake and I will play Forest Dale in SLC with my parents tomorrow. I think I could get hooked. But we’ll see what tomorrow brings. I may be sore after today 😉

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