what the heck?

I feel like people around me are checking out of life. Not literally. They’re not dying. But our neighbors, for instance, moved out suddenly a couple of weeks ago. No discussion, no notice, no forwarding address, nothing. All very odd. It gets more odd. Last night, I come home from teaching and their sprinklers are on. This morning, the sprinklers are still on. And there’s a notice of some kind on their front door. Sean checks it out: a summons to appear before the court. Not good. I arrive home around noon and the sprinklers are still on. I search, in vain, for a way to turn off the water. Finally, I call Pineview. Meanwhile, my neighbor drives by. We start chatting…turns out the city had been by earlier today to shut off the culinary water. Then the Pineview guy comes and shuts off the secondary water. So, who the heck turns on the sprinklers and leaves? What do they think will happen? How can you abdicate your responsibilities like that?

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4 Responses to what the heck?

  1. srogers says:

    That’s really weird. Which neighbors?


  2. bjmcshane says:

    the ones to the south. Jake calls them “the Freds,” cause that’s the name of the dad.


  3. srogers says:

    Upshot: no more yappy dogs!


  4. bjmcshane says:

    that’s true!


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