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After being utterly absorbed in the drama of my department, I surfaced a couple of weeks ago, and signed up for National Novel Writing Month, aka nanowrimo. I started out strong: writing 2577 words on 11/3 and 1851 on 11/5. Since then I’ve written nothing–at least nothing related to the word blast approach of those two days. I rose early on the latter date (11/5) and wrote like a madwoman for an hour and a half. It was therapeutic. But did I write anything worthwhile? Not sure. Probably not. It felt like an exercise, a therapeutic brain dump. And maybe that’s worth something–it gets me out of self-editing. However, I think I’m ready for some “serious” writing: returning to the piece I worked on in Taos and revising it for publication. Then I want to work on my sabbatical application, which will include a prospectus of the larger text I’m writing.

And what am I writing? This morning while meditating–something I hadn’t done in who knows how long–I had a mini-revelation about my writing. Me as the thread in the center, with the fibers of other people wrapping themselves around me. It will be about my experience with addiction, through my connections with others. The threads will weave in and out of my life, sometimes obscuring my own line, my own path.

So now I have to figure out how all of the bits and pieces fit into this. What do I have:

  • the piece on firefighting in Yellowstone – not sure there’s any linkage here, though maybe Chris Norden can connect
  • the piece on Grandma Mac and Sean – definite fit but perhaps they belong in separate pieces?
  • the beginnings of stuff about Mom – not much here yet, but the vignette about knitting while driving through Europe is a good start
  • letters between Mom and Grandma G – I haven’t even started this, but it would be good for my sabbatical
  • some writing about Aunt Mary – not yet begun
  • some writing about Mary Hetzel – I started this with nanwrimo
  • some writing about Maggie – I have a bit here

Okay, I think it could work. I need to start revising *something* to send out for publication. I’ll start with the firefighting thing, see if it’s resurrectable for this topic and send it to my Taos Writing group.

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