katy was here

for a baby shower–she’s having twin boys!

Anyway, I haven’t done much writing of late, though I did finish reading Susan Cheever’s book about Bill Wilson. And now I’ve started William Borchert’s book about Lois Wilson. I’m intrigued with the ways people write about other people and these seem especially interesting for their focus on addiction. I need to read the Wilsons’ own autobiographies as well. I guess I’m searching for the truth: the truth of someone’s life. Even though truth is relative, I believe we come to biographies, autobiographies, and other stories about people’s lives in order to come closer to reality, to truth. But do we ever get there? Is there a there there? (I sound like Rumsfeld!) Maybe the quest is the important part? Just looking and searching for reality? I guess I should investigate the difference between truth and reality too. Truth always seems a bigger thing–something more significant than mere reality. Reality is the facts of life, the day-to-day happenings of our lives. But here’s the rub. People can dispute your truth and often try to dispute your reality. I can see disputing someone else’s truth, but can you dispute someone else’s reality? If they’re living in an illusion then I think you can. Because then they’re not living in reality. Does this alter their truth? What is true for them? Also, sometimes a simple mind shift can change someone’s reality–or perception of it–so does that then alter their truth? Katie Byron made me question what I thought was true. Still, I think I know what’s real. But do I? Hm.

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2 Responses to katy was here

  1. sally shigley says:

    Twins rock! When is she due? That is very exciting.


  2. bjmcshane says:

    early December, though she’ll probably go early


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