oh my…

The time is flying by and there’s so much to do. I’ve been packing up my office for the move to Elizabeth Hall–a beautiful new building that we (English, Communication, Foreign Language, and TBE) get to inhabit as of January 09. A good time to purge the files of old stuff: notes from all of my graduate classes, handouts for old comp classes, student papers, etc. So I’ve been doing that rather than finalizing my file for promotion. Maybe I’ll get to that tomorrow? Otherwise I’ve been waiting on Katy’s impending birth–maybe next week?–and worrying about Brooke. I should know that I can’t control any of these things…months of al-anon have taught me this much. Still, I cannot help but wonder how these people I care about are doing. Is that a bad thing? Is there room for this kind of fretting and worrying in my “recovery”? Some habits are hard to break. No matter how busy I get, there’s always room for someone else’s tragedy or drama. Often, living their lives seems more compelling than mine. Is this escapism? Or is this genuine concern for others? I like to think that on my good days, it’s the latter. On my bad days, I know I’m avoiding something. At the moment I have plenty to avoid: packing, going up for promotion, finishing various home repair projects, writing for my sabbatical–oh that!!! Holy crap. That’s at the bottom of my list. What will I do?

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