winter’s returned

After lots of wind yesterday, and I mean lots–Mt. Ogden recorded wind gusts of 95 mph–we have snow flurries this morning. Good day to hunker down and read, write, clean the house. No work on my research project, but I am reading and writing this blog. And watching the occasional movie. We’ve stockpiled a bunch of stuff on our Netflix instant queue: “Philadelphia” (when we need a good cry), “The Big Lebowski” (when the kids aren’t around), “Man on a Wire” (which we watched yesterday–very interesting documentary about the Frenchman who walked between the World Trade Center towers in 1974), “Harold & Maude,” “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape,” “Fletch.” Anyway, lots of fun stuff to watch on rainy days. Meanwhile, I have lunch with a couple of folks from UUCO who want to talk to me about “leadership opportunities,” meaning they want me to run for the Board, I think. Hm. Tonight, I’m chairing the Al-Anon meeting…lots to think about, talk about after seeing the Lois Wilson movie, “When Love is Not Enough” on Sunday night. I need to work on my 4th step: “Made a searching and fearless moral inventory.” A daunting prospect, something that’s been hanging me up since I began actually working on it over a year ago. But now I have a sponsor and a reason to finish it. And Friday I’m doing a home visit for UFBH. Some folks in Clinton want to adopt a basset.

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