another monday…

I finished my book on Friday and feel released to do other things now. Funny how that happens–you get so gripped by a book that you can’t do anything else but read the darn thing. But it was a good one, I highly recommend it (The Shadow of the Wind). The weekend flew by…Saturday: cleaning rodents, walking dogs, doing laundry, driving to SLC for dinner with Dave & Vanene and a play (Charm) at SLAC. An amazing play! I’ve requested a bunch of books by/about Margaret Fuller from the library. Then on Sunday: pancake breakfast, service, RE, Social Justice in Action committee meeting at UUCO. Came home and collapsed = very tired, kind of nauseous. Some low-level bug. Better today, but I still feel kind of weak. It was supposed to be sunny yet the clouds remain. I plan to start Jeannette Wallis’ The Glass Castle today. This afternoon I’ll pull out the letters and begin something šŸ˜‰

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5 Responses to another monday…

  1. sally says:

    Nice that you are writing again. Wish I was. I am spending the days thinking I’m not relaxing enough. Sigh. What is the letter project that you are working on?


  2. bjmcshane says:

    I know that feeling…worrying about not relaxing enough. How can you tell when you’ve done it? Sean helped me last week by saying each morning, “Don’t we get to hang out until 10?” It was a good reminder that we need to chill while we can. But this week I’m feel a bit more compulsive. The letter project is what I kind of started on sabbatical: 30 years of letters from my mom to her mother-in-law.


  3. sally says:

    What’s up with not being able to give ourselves permission to chill. Are you editing the letters or using them as part of telling her story? It sounds neat. I wish I could get back to blogging. I feel a little shy about it. Like I don’t want some stuff out there or that the writing will be judged for not having that “oh so wry” blog tone that a lot of them have. Our course all this begs the question that anybody gives a crap and is reading . You are inspiring me to start again. After I get the relaxation thing right.



  4. Holly says:

    Hi Becky!
    As I read your blog, I am counting down 19 days of school still remaining for me. Sometimes I wonder if I should bite the bullet and go for the PhD. Sigh… I both love and hate high school. And adding PhD work to what I’m doing now would surely be signing my own death sentence. I know I have to wait, and if I’m waiting, I might as well forget it. So I have to forget it. Really, this does make sense. So I will envy you your tiny classes and longer breaks, but know that my choices led me to the trenches here, and I’m good in the trenches. Happy blogging and reading! If you miss the thrill of grading, I can hook you up…


  5. bjmcshane says:

    I’m not sure what to do with the letters…at this point I’ll just compile them and maybe in the spring I can take Judy’s class, get some help with them. As for the blogging thing…my attitude is that I just have to be who I am, even if that’s fairly mundane. Every once in awhile I get to interact with some incredible people! Like Sally and Holly šŸ™‚


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