bubba’s lost, but now he’s found!!!


We got a phone call today from a sweet couple who had taken Bubba home from the Super Savers on Harrison. He had wandered *into* the store on Monday afternoon. These folks took him home, called all the local vets, had him checked for a microchip at their vet, and contacted animal services. The chip showed a disconnected number in Price–Bubba was rescued from the Carbon County Animal Shelter in 2007–but not the Utah Friends of Basset Hounds chip, which must be in a different location on his body. However, Weber County Animal Services gave them our number. Meanwhile, Shelley Thomas stopped into Burch Creek Animal Hospital and asked if anyone had called about a missing basset. As she called my cell phone with this information, the couple who had Bubba called our home phone and left a message. Long story, but a happy ending.

Thank you for your help. Love makes the world go around.

Becky and all of the rest of the McShanes

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  1. tomorrow says:

    This makes me sad.


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