another missing Bubba story

Missing Bubba!

**11-year old Basset Hound**

Lives at 3025 Tyler Ave, Ogden

Last seen on Thursday 9/5/13

Please call 801-334-9518 or 801-920-1655.

maggie & bubba 2 maggie & bubba







Good thing Bubba’s so cute…the stress that dog gives me!

So the mystery has *not* been solved. I got home from work at 1 pm and he was gone. At first, I thought someone had stolen him but nothing else was missing and anyway, who would steal an old basset and not take the adorable 9-year old springer/lab mix or the lovely green-eyed kitty? I retraced my steps before I left the house this morning, and he must have escaped when I returned to fetch my sunglasses. But the door was open for just an instant. I guess it was enough time for him to slip out and over to the bushes next door. At least that’s what I think happened.

Four hours later–after calling Weber County Animal Shelter and the neighbors; posting on Facebook; revising, printing, and posting the “Missing” poster (last updated April, 2011); driving and walking the neighborhood–Maggie and I heard footsteps upstairs. We were down in the laundry home and must not have heard the front door open and close. We ran upstairs and there was Bubba! No sign of anybody.

Now he’s curled up on the couch, clearly exhausted. Wonder if we’ll ever know? Another chapter in the forthcoming “Bubba’s Excellent Adventures.”

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