what I miss

I miss writing blog posts, reading about writing, finding places to submit my writing, tinkering with pieces of puzzles that might form essays. But as the various responsibilities that I’ve had this past year slip from me, I’m beginning to see some room to fit in writing again.

My Moby-Dick class ends this week–though the grading won’t end until next. So then it will be only the dean transition: saying goodbye to Catherine and hello to Scott. Then navigating the new office situation. This will be a lot less than what I *had* been doing: coordinating the Engaged Learning Series and serving as Interim Associate Dean. May was particularly crazy as I taught my class, filled in for Mike (Acting Director of CCEL) and Catherine (Interim Dean).

Acting: performing a job for a short time : holding a temporary position

Interim: used or accepted for a limited time : not permanent

Similar and yet not. The former implies a stop-gap person. The latter implies a qualified substitute.

A lot has happened since last summer, and I’ve had so little time to process it. Busy working and living I guess. Many trips: Torrey, Sun Valley, California, Santa Fe/Taos, Washington DC, Kayenta, Seattle, Zion. And busy hanging out and dating–a lovely change. Someday I’ll write about that.

We lost Bubba on May 3rd. I keep meaning to write something about him but haven’t yet found the words. I miss him every day.


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