I waited until Saturday to look for a testing site. Based on my symptoms and history of asthma, I discovered I qualified for a free test at Walgreens but their first available appointment was Monday. Dave called InstaCare, who said to come in. The young PA entered the exam room then quickly exited to add more PPE to his wardrobe. Funny, the nurse hadn’t done that…. Although I lacked a fever, still possessed my sense of taste and smell, and maintained a good oxygen level, he determined that I should be tested. So I conjured 3 milliliters of saliva–a fair bit!–then left. I was to quarantine, with my family, until I received the results.

I waited until Sunday to log into Intermountain Healthcare’s “My Health” account. No results yet. I read, I rested, I played out various scenarios. If I hadn’t heard by 5 pm, I couldn’t make it to Costco before they closed. If I tested positive, I would need to shop online. About 7:30, I logged into Costco’s “Instacart” and started shopping. After I submitted my order (8:10 pm), I logged into “My Health” and discovered that the results had been posted.

Should I cancel my Costco order? Could I shop at Smiths the next day? Stop by campus? Resume my exercise routine? Make plans for fall break? What *did* I have? Allergies? A cold? Stress-induced fatigue? Malaise? I didn’t want it to be COVID, but I wanted it to be something.

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