living with mono

So we’re re-arranging our minds to the thought that Maggie has mono: no TaeKwonDo for a while, no soccer or PE at school, and no camping trip to Great Basin–at least not right away. Poor kid’s been feeling yucky for a long time and now we know why. As parents, we’re feeling mighty guilty about nagging her to do her chores, go to school, do homework, etc. Now we’re treating her with tenderness and forgiveness, which we should have done all along. Shouldn’t everyone deserve this kind of treatment all the time? Yet it’s so easy to place blame…”Maggie just doesn’t want to go to TaeKwonDo” and then treat her with something less than respect. I know I’ve done this to S as well. Somehow having a diagnosis or reason for a person’s behavior makes it easier to treat her with kindness. For instance, if we learn that someone comes from an abusive home, we can forgive–or at least understand and perhaps sympathize with–her bad behavior at school. But why can’t we find this love, respect, and understanding *before* we know the reason? Why can’t we assume the best of people all the time? I know I tend to become doubtful, even suspicious, of people’s motives when they don’t do what I think they’re supposed to do. What this tells me is that I don’t trust people, not really. Hm. Lots to ponder today.

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  1. Tomorrow says:

    Molly will snuggle with her and make her feel better. Give Mags a hug from us


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