4 weeks out

I can’t believe it’s been 4 weeks today that I finished at FYE. And I’m trying not to beat up on myself for not getting more done. I need to focus on my accomplishments: lots of reading, blogging, movies, yoga, Red Cross work; some skiing, hiking, swimming, thinking about this memoir project, prepping of 4120 for fall, kitchen grout cleaning, weeding, cleaning. Okay, just to get it out my system, here’s what I *haven’t* done: prepped my 4530/5530 syllabus, written anything about my mom’s or grandma’s stuff, cleaned out the back bathroom, sorted clothes/shoes, organized the spare room, cleaned kids’ rooms, fixed leaky faucets. Now I feel better. And I guess the list of “haven’t dones” is long, but it could be longer! Also, my accomplishments are meaningful, longer-lasting than some of the chore-like things I want to do. They’ll get done–or they won’t–and life will go on just fine. What is it they say about cleaning? I’d rather die knowing I lived well than with a clean house. Something like that.

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living the dream in northern Utah
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