sunshine day!

Maggie got bored yesterday morning and went to school at 11. I then applied myself to reading the last of the tech comm articles I needed to catch up on–yes! Then, between rain/sleet/snow storms, I hiked along the shoreline trail with the dogs. It was beautiful. We encountered no one until the very end of our hike, but I saw lots of western tanagers and even a lazuli bunting. The kids were full of energy after school…the last week buzz. It’s good to see Maggie with some liveliness again. I’ve missed that laugh, that mischievous gleam in her eye. Now everyone’s off to school and I’m enjoying a few moments of alone time. Downloading some music from “Slumdog Millionaire”–what a great movie! We watched almost all of the movie last Wednesday, but when we got to the last 20 minutes the disc gave out = scratched. So after returning the disc to Netflix and getting a new one, we finally caught the last bit of the movie yesterday, after Maggie went to school. Coincidentally, at yoga last Thursday, Kathi played some music from the film. I knew I had to find some of the tunes: “Ringa, Ringa,” and “Jai Ho,” of course.

Today, I’ve got yoga and some office time, when/where I hope to get my syllabus finished.

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2 Responses to sunshine day!

  1. Scott says:

    Now you’ve got me trying to find out what the crazy yellow and black bird I saw this morning was.


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