the buzz intensifies

Last two days of school and the Jake energy is crazy. He’s all sorts of hyped up. We ordered him a Nixon Watch – the Time Teller P in black/orange for his 6th grade graduation. Apparently these watches are all the rage–who knew?–and the color he wants is out of stock. Tomorrow will be the awards ceremony and then Jake’s done with Wasatch Elementary. Hard to believe my baby boy is moving on to junior high!

We had a gorgeous day yesterday…today cloudy and windy. Ah well, soon it will be hot and I’ll want to hunker down and read, right? I did get my syllabus and list of readings done for my American Lit class. Now all I have to do is read everything (!) and develop reading response topics. The first couple of weeks in June will fly by and I better keep plugging away at this stuff. I can’t imagine how I thought I’d be able to get all of this research and writing done. Guess I need a deadline or someone keeping me on track. Self-motivation is soooooooo hard.

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