lots done!

In the house that is. Cleaned Maggie’s room–and that’s something! Amassed a great pile of stuff to donate to the MS Society tomorrow morning. And we cleared out the assorted shoes, boots, sandals, and crocs that inhabited the old bathroom by the kitchen. My goal is to get the wallpaper stripped and the room painted *before* I start teaching this summer. Then all we need to do is replace the old toilet. Can it be done?

Yesterday slipped by me, though I did get some academic work done: gathering articles and books for the masters students, printing more journal articles to read, emailing students, etc. Oh, and I had a wonderful yoga practice–much needed, since the last one I had was over a week ago. I skipped it today because I was so absorbed in MM’s room. Also, my elbow’s been acting up. I can’t tell if it’s the yoga, the knitting, a combination of the two, or some other chore I’ve been doing. All I know is I’m bummed about it. I’d planned to try golfing with Jake this summer, but I just can’t imagine swinging a golf club. Brushing Henry even hurts. Damn.

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