slacking off

I just haven’t had time to post much here. Monday morning I realized that I only had 2 weeks left to get all of the projects I wanted done before my summer semester starts. Eek! So I’ve been madly weeding, cleaning, sorting, shopping, etc. And of course I’ve put off reading the library discussion book until the last few days–finally started yesterday. Today and tomorrow will be a mad dash to finish the book and prep for the meeting Thursday night. I’ve also been on call for the Red Cross, which always add a certain amount of stress to my evenings/nights/weekends. Last night we met at the West Point fire station where we got a lesson on using fire extinguishers and took turns putting out a fire 🙂 I’ve never used one before–it’s easier than it seems. Today is racing kids around to various activities: golf (Jake) and high adventure kids’ camp (Maggie). I decided to postpone taking the iMac to SLC until Jake and I return from Portland. It’s developed a couple of vertical lines on the left side of the screen. This seems to be a problem that’s effected other iMacs of that era 😦 Not sure what Apple will do, but I’ll take it in later. Meanwhile, we can celebrate the new toilet in the bathroom by the kitchen and clean rooms, patio, and yard.

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