crazy weather

Sometime in the night it started blowing like crazy. We put pillows over our heads and hunkered in for more sleep, but when we got up (~9, since we’re trying to cherish these mornings when we actually can sleep in) the winds continued. And they’re persisting–at 55 mph! All of the windows S cleaned are splattered with rain. Branches are down. Fortunately we haven’t lost electricity (yet) and we hadn’t planned any outdoor activities for today. Poor folks trying to ride in the Tour de Cure, to sell wares at the SLC Farmer’s Market, to show art at the Ogden Arts Festival. Yesterday, S and I snuck in a hike before the rains began. Then it rained all day. Slow start to summer I guess.

So far we’ve found plenty of rainy day activities. Jake and I went to campus yesterday: did some stuff in my office, looked into Windows 7 at the Bookstore, and checked out Tolkien books in the library. Those should give Jake plenty of reading for the summer 🙂 My class is pretty much ready to go…I just need to come up with reading response topics. Last night, S and I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary with dinner at Rickenbacker’s. Excellent food and venue. I highly recommend it. Then we watched “Whip It” with Ellen Page. Funny, if rough in spots. Today, we have World Cup soccer, baking, laundry, and plenty of reading material. Tonight I have a dinner for OUTreach at Catherine’s house. Tomorrow is choir rehearsal, church, and Bowling for  the Bassets. Monday will be cleaning and prepping for bookgroup, which is meeting here. Tuesday will be readying for Portland. And there it is–my life laid out in a tidy little list.

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