4th of July weekend

Not the usual holiday weekend. Usually, I’m someplace else: Torrey, Taos, or at least Huntsville for a parade then a BBQ and fireworks. This year, Jake went to Torrey with my folks and the rest of us stayed home. S has been seeing a hospice patient every morning and sometimes afternoon. Maggie wasn’t feeling well–headaches and fatigue–so we thought it best to keep her here. I had gobs of reading to do; however, I finished the library discussion book yesterday–a full 3 days before I talk about it!–and now have time to grade papers for my class. It was a fortuitous weekend to stay home as I got to watch two World Cup soccer matches, see the men’s Wimbledon final, hike and play tennis with Maggie, observe S as he works through the passing of a patient, and visit Brooke with Jake and Mom.

This last event was something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time. Brooke’s been hospitalized at one place or another since November of 2008 and I’d yet to see him.  When I said “I should have come sooner” Peggy assured me that they don’t do “should’s here.” Yes, but…. Anyway, I’m glad I finally made it to Brooke’s room at South Davis. It was so good to hear his voice and listen to him breath. He’s been 19 days off the vent, breathing with the assistance of the diaphragmatic pacer he had installed in April. Still, he’s down. Who wouldn’t be? I hope he can make it home and move on to that next adventure.

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