some developments

On Monday I announced my resignation from the UUCO board…I wrote my monthly report and included an explanation for my decision. Then I had a Communications Committee meeting at the church Tuesday and a board meeting Wednesday. I’d been kind of dreading talking to the board and minister and intern minister, but everyone seemed okay with it. Disappointed but okay. Apparently I’m not the first person who’s resigned before his/her term is up. In fact, I’ve served longer than a couple of recent trustees–I’ve lasted at least a year! Anyway, I’m feeling good about the decision and the choice to not continue teaching RE this semester. What to do about choir now?

Not as much done today as I’d hoped: a migraine interrupted my plans. Sigh. Guess I’ll tackle the house cleaning and reading tomorrow. I have to read “Song of Myself” and just couldn’t face it today. Also couldn’t face cleaning up the dog poop in the backyard, vacuuming, or cleaning bathrooms. I did grade a bunch of position papers for my American Lit class, while watching TV with Jake. This will be a recuperate day, a recover from the first week of school day, a retreat from the inversion day.

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