January 16th

Yesterday was a weird day. Sunday of MLK weekend. We woke up to discover that someone had rifled through the Honda (yet again). They didn’t find or take anything–at least nothing that we noticed. But they left the interior light on. Go figure. Although nothing is gone, no damage done, the experience is unsettling. What’s more unsettling is that I woke up at some point during the night and thought I heard something outside and even imagined that someone was going through the car, as it has happened at least once before. Should we report it? I know we should lock the car, but the locks are messed up and difficult to unlock, so we keep it open. The CDs are not hip enough for anyone to steal 😉 And we didn’t have any valuables in there. Still. Feeling vulnerable and slightly sad about the experience.

Then Jake and I met up with Chris and his family at SnowBasin, where it RAINED throughout the day. I don’t recall ever getting that soaked skiing, though my dad reassures me I have when we skied out east. And not only rain…on the 5th ride up the gondola, one of Jake’s skis blew out of the rack. This also has happened before–actually twice before. We had been keeping his skis inside but this trip decided they would be fine outside. Fortunately, I found the ski about halfway down the mountain, in an open area, away from people. Just think if it had hit someone! So Jake got one more run, on John Paul in the rain, before we called it a wet, soggy day. Again, no harm done except that I got a good adrenaline rush and skied faster than I have in a long time. I’m sore today.

Then after we’d returned home to our warm, dry house and were enjoying some mellow time with Chris and Kelly, brother Per called to inform us that Mom had been taken to the hospital with chest pain. She had been ill with a stomach bug, was home alone, and started experiencing severe pain. Dad was working on the basement in the new condo and had forgotten his phone. So she called Per, who advised her to call 911. Short version of the story: she’s fine and should be discharged this morning. The pain is probably due to esophageal reflux–a condition that runs in the family and has landed her in the hospital before–and will subside with time. She’s already feeling better. Still. A scare. I’m glad Per was around to help her. We need to stay close.

A day of “things that have happened before.” Very odd.

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