So I was trying to remember how long it’s been since I had a drink…June 12th was the last time. I had some wine at an OUTreach party at Catherine & Ed’s. I remember that that was the last time because Jake & I went to Portland the next week and I decided I just didn’t want to drink any more.

I had a nice hike with Henry yesterday. We went to my parents’ house, with the kids, and I went up the back canyon a ways. Dad wasn’t up for the hike. Saw a moose up on the hillside. And remembered all of the amazing hikes and snowshoes we did up there. Before the winter’s over, I need to go up there, relive some memories. I’m trying not to be sad about my folks selling their house–I know it’s the right thing and their new place will be awesome–but I did have some pangs yesterday. So many weekend afternoons hanging out up there: hiking, hot-tubbing, snowshoeing, playing with babies. And before babies, reading, writing, hiking with Carlos, cleaning for Mom, partying with the sibs. We had some good times there.

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