accomplishments during my week off


  1. registered for RMMLA (in Scottsdale) and booked a room at Chapparal Suites
  2. practiced yoga at Borrowed Earth
  3. took Maggie to guitar
  4. watched 3 episodes of “The Tudors” (Season 2)


  1. stayed home sick with Jake
  2. watched “Sherlock Holmes”
  3. rotated the tires–well the guys at Discount Tires did
  4. shopped at Costco
  5. watched 3 more episodes of “The Tudors” (Season 2)
  6. watched a new “Glee” with Maggie


  1. stayed home with Maggie, though I was feeling better
  2. watched “The Pink Panther 2”
  3. cleaned up dog poop and fed the birds
  4. read the intro to a book about rhetoric and civic engagement
  5. baked banana bread
  6. walked the dogs
  7. chaired an Al-Anon meeting


  1. read Forget Me Not and cried when Alex Lowe died
  2. hiked with the dogs up Taylor Canyon
  3. finished knitting Maggie’s socks
  4. watched the final episode with Michael Scott on “The Office”


  1. took Bubba to the Laundromutt
  2. finished Forget Me Not
  3. dusted & vacuumed the downstairs
  4. washed the curtains downstairs
  5. walked the dogs to meet Maggie after school
  6. shopped at Costco
  7. made soup for dinner

I did not

  • paint Maggie’s room
  • clean out the back room
  • organize the books from Mom
  • clean the garage
  • rake the back beds
  • deliver yard trimmings and leaves to the green dump
  • help Mom and Dad with their organizing/packing
  • spend a day in SLC

About BJ

living the dream in northern Utah
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