trip to Portland w/ Maggie

I’m just catching up on life in the last couple of weeks. Maggie and I flew to Portland on May 12th and stayed for 3 days. Our visit coincided with Shelley’s trip to Dallas to help her mother and sister, who was having surgery. Anyway, it was a fun but crazy weekend–as you’d expect 3 days with two 2 1/2 year olds to be.

We left Thursday evening, but our plane was delayed. So we enjoyed some beverages at the Salt Lake International Airport:

On Friday, we went to the zoo

And then my camera battery died. So I have no more photos 😦

But here’s a list of everything else we did:

  • Friday afternoon: swimming at the Southwest Community Center
  • Saturday: tram ride w/ Eli (Finn stayed with Mom down below); streetcar ride into downtown; coffee & pastries at Stumptown; visit to Voodoo Donut w/ Maggie (after we discovered that the one downtown was closed for renovation); walk to the park with dogs, boys, and stroller
  • Sunday: OMSI with Maggie; brief visit with Shelley; drive back to airport; more Starbucks coffee

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