summertime, at last!

It actually began for me last Sunday, when we celebrated Father’s Day with a chilly BBQ outside, but the rest of the week was kind of crazy.

Monday, I waited for the plumber to replace a toilet (yay!) then I went to work for a lunch meeting with a candidate for the CIC assistant director position then a presentation. (Another candidate after the 4th.)

On Tuesday, I organized almost every single book in our house–went through the boxes Mom gave us, put books on the shelves donated by Mom and Dad, and got rid of 6 boxes. We took these to the Weber County Library on Wednesday. Tuesday evening, the McShanes and Gestelands came for Maggie’s softball game and dinner. We also moved the old couch out to the patio–makes a nice spot to enjoy morning coffee and the paper–and moved the blue couch from Mom and Dad into the living room.

On Wednesday, I finished a book (not the best), went to yoga, took the books to the library, and chaired the al-anon meeting.

Thursday, I took a long walk with the dogs, attended training on the new WSU Online system then went to Maggie’s softball game.

On Friday, I took Bubba to Laundromutt, took Henry for a hike up Taylor Canyon (lots and lots of water), picked up Bubba, took Jake to viola lesson, then we drove to SLC to retrieve Maggie’s oboe, visit with my folks, visit with family at the Relay for Life in Draper, and shop at Ikea.

Heavy sigh.

On Saturday, I hung out for the morning, baking banana bread. In the afternoon, Maggie and I tackled her room. By the end of the day, everything was sorted, packed, removed for the painting job. After that, we Skyped with Katy, Shelley, and the boys.

Today, after watching the Women’s World Cup (Germany vs. Canada = Germany won) and a short hike up Taylor, we pulled the carpet and I swept, vacuumed, removed stickers, etc. from the walls. We had a nice supper on the patio–warmer than last Sunday but not too hot–and now I’m enjoying a brief respite while the family plays catch outside. A new “Poirot” starts at 8 🙂

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