project history + updates + more updates

I don’t remember Jake’s room taking this much time to paint. Maybe he had more stuff? I know the red didn’t take 3 coats.

Anyway, here’s the time-line (just for my own record-keeping):

  • June 25th, Saturday: clean out Maggie’s room
  • Sunday: pull carpet
  • Monday: wash walls & tap trim
  • Tuesday: ***day of rest*** (2 work meetings, 1 softball game)
  • Wednesday: paint primer and first coat of yellow (my shoulders/arms are so tired, I skip yoga)
  • Thursday: paint second coat of yellow
  • Friday: paint third coat of yellow
  • July 2nd, Saturday: ***day of rest** (finish reading Sarah’s Key)
  • Sunday: paint fourth–and final!!!–coat of yellow and remove tape (my hands are incredibly sore–tendon pain)
  • Monday: paint first coat of trim
  • Tuesday: paint second coat of trim & shop online for furniture (Ikea)
  • Wednesday: clean project area (remove tape, replace outlet covers, etc.) & schedule carpet measurement
  • Thursday: do other stuff (can’t remember what–probably watch soccer)
  • Friday: guy comes to measure carpet
  • July 9th, Saturday: ***day of rest*** (al-anon meeting, women’s soccer, SLC with kids)
  • Sunday: another ***day of rest*** (women’s soccer–USA beats Brazil!!! + new “Miss Marple”)
  • Monday: order carpet–at last! (a cold = no yoga, organize desk)
  • Tuesday: (feel yucky, organize my new/old desk, move dressers)
  • Wednesday: buy curtains (also, USA beats France to go to the finals)
  • Thursday: (Salvation Army comes, deliver other stuff to Savers)
  • Friday: shop at Ikea = bed, desk, chair, and bedside table for Maggie’s room; assemble chair (for Mags) and table
  • July 16th, Saturday:

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