I’m back!

I finished the semester last week (waited until the last day to submit grades–a first for me) and am almost done with prepping for next semester. So I decided I’d best get blogging again. My excuse for not writing has been the “Life Writing” class I took from Judy Elsley, though to be frank, I didn’t do all that much writing for the class. As I revise the pieces I wrote, I’ll post them here.

Meanwhile, I had a nice afternoon chatting with a neighbor, who I met through al-anon. Turns out we have all kinds of things in common, besides the obvious. Her son coached my son’s little league football team, the brother of her best friend growing up lives across the street from us, she plays golf, she vacations in the St. George area, her daughter goes to school with my daughter, she used to drink but gave it up. Anyway, I feel nourished and rejuvenated after spending time with her. Reminds me why I need to keep having coffee with my al-anon peeps!

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living the dream in northern Utah
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