well so it goes

All the writing I intended to do over break and during this semester. C’est domage. I seem to be keeping busy nonetheless.

A fun winter break: baking, family time (Xmas village with my bros and their families and Xmas Eve with the parents and Aunt Carla–what a hoot she is!), puzzle (my annual Xmas puzzle,

which no one wanted to help with this year), and three relaxing days in Kayenta (hiking, biking, hot-tubbing, knitting, reading a Jo Nesbo mystery). Still, the first day of school came too soon. And the first week didn’t feel like the usual easing into the semester. Boom, pow, meetings on the 3rd day. Then interviews with job candidates, curriculum stuff, community partners to coordinate for two classes (8 CPs altogether), writing reports and letters, and meetings, meetings, meetings. It’s the 5th week and I’m so ready for spring break.

At some point–seems some people want me to begin this week–I’ll be the assistant chair. Guess I’ll find out more when I meet with Kathy this week, but she seems to want me to start the job now; however, I don’t think I’ll be compensated (with release time) until fall. Hm.

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