the blizzard that never was

We canceled our trip to Portland for this?! The winds began last night and persisted throughout the day, and then we waited for the big storm to arrive. At around 4 pm it started snowing, lightly, and blowing, slightly. Now, several hours later, we have about 3 inches of snow. No blizzard. My husband called it; he didn’t believe the immensity of the storm they predicted. I was bustling around, battening down the hatches (so to speak), buying groceries (along with everyone else in Ogden), and checking the weather every few minutes. At noon universities started announcing closures: the U closed at 2 pm, Weber closed at 4. Around 1 pm I received an email from the Red Cross: all disaster volunteers are on standby to assist with sheltering stranded drivers. Based on that information, I took the dogs for a quick walk before the storm hit; I showered and shopped; I picked up the kids and returned home to wait it out. Sigh. All that hype for nothing. Or maybe there’s more to come?

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