lots of reading and pondering

and no writing. So many days off, and yet I feel like I didn’t get anything done. I guess I have a hard time just relaxing. But I am enjoying re-reading Geraldine Brooks’ March, which my Intro to Fiction students are reading as well. The protagonist, March, is a (Unitarian?) chaplain in the Civil War. He’s a pacifist, abolitionist, scholar, and vegan (before there was such a word); however, as he confronts the realities of war and the complexities of race relations, he becomes disillusioned, disheartened, and depressed. I can’t help but sympathize with him, even as I’m somewhat disgusted with his idealism. Perhaps it’s because he reminds me of me. Naive, trusting, confident that people can change for the better. In fact, I just took one of those facebook quizzes, “What Color is Your Soul?” and got the following answer:

Becky got Blue- The Caring Soul.
You’ll go out of your way to help a stranger, and to do almost anything for a friend despite the personal cost. You need to be loved, appreciated, and accepted by others. You’ll reveal your faults so others understand you more. You are easily heartbroken, but not the type to be betrayed. You always get revenge. Red souls either find you annoying, or befriend you. White souls open up to you easily. Yellow souls may disappoint you, valuing fun more than friendship. Other blue souls will care for you.
Oddly accurate. I guess I’ve got to work on that revenge thing 😉

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